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Did you check out Guilty Gear Strive's final beta?

May 17, 2021 1 min read

Arc System Works' has entered its final marketing chapter for upcoming fighting sequel Guilty Gear Strive. After a long wait, some exciting character reveals, some fan frustrations, and an eventual delay, the wild roster of the GG universe is set to let rip on PC and PlayStation platforms June 11.

The publisher held one final beta this weekend in order to stress-test the effectiveness of GG Strive's rollback netcode — a key component in ArcSys' plan to make the new sequel a success within the global fighting game community. In addition to its run of crash course character guides, ArcSys also dropped a new video giving newcomers a brief overview of Guilty Gear's storyline. For a deeper look at the GG universe, be sure to check out our own Zach Bennett's in-depth guide to the series' world and roster.

Did you check out Guilty Gear Strive's final beta? screenshot