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Did you get the PSN name you wanted?

April 12, 2019 2 min read

I've been asking for the chance to change my PlayStation Network ID for so long, but wouldn't you know it, now that the time is at hand, I find myself holding back. Out of nowhere, I've had second thoughts.

Yes, there are lingering issues in certain PS4 games if you go through with the process, but that's not my real hangup with moving forward, I don't think. It's more about letting go of a handle I've had since May 2008. I may not like my user handle -- it's dumb! -- but there's a literal decade of history here.

After almost going through with the name change, backing out after a few potential names were taken, and then returning half an hour later, I've done it. DtoidGrim is gone. It's DtoidJordan now, thanks. If you've been reading this site long enough, you'll know why I had that original ID.

Plenty of you probably had your name picked out and ready to go, but if you're stuck staring at the name-change screen, maybe give Sony's recommendations a chance. They're something, all right.

Here's a sample of the algorithm-suggested PSN names I declined to use:

  • admiral_dark028
  • youthful127bee
  • elegant_lunch976
  • hades691jaded
  • menacing_wall707
  • balding193crib
  • worried-sand310
  • soup-abrasive355
  • wild-atreus922
  • writer_upbeat459

After seeing these and countless others, I'm now picturing Paul Rudd telling an AI to whip up some possible names. "Computer, don't go easy on the numbers or underscores. Gamers love those."

I feel like a not-insignificant group of people are going to find this feature to be more of an ordeal than expected. If all else fails, there's always those silly name generator sites as a last resort.

How'd you fare? Did you get the PSN name you wanted?

Did you get the PSN name you wanted? screenshot