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Discovering the mystery behind the Phalanx cover art

November 05, 2017 1 min read

The infamous cover for the North American release of Phalanx on the Super Nintendo is constantly featured on lists of the “worst” video game covers of all time. Obviously, these people are, objectively, extremely wrong. This is something to be cherished. It’s one of the only instances where a game’s artwork is talked about more than the actual game itself. For good reason too. It’s genuinely fucking hilarious. 

This work of genius has become something of a local legend around the Destructoid community. This is largely due to, Destructoid user, ZombZ’s almost fetishistic obsession with the old, banjo-wielding man on the cover. He photoshops him into everything. Around these parts, that man is affectionately known as The Phalanx Pheller, and that’s how I’ll be referring to him from here on out. 

Discovering the mystery behind the Phalanx cover art screenshot