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Dishonored & Silent Hill composer Daniel Licht passes away

August 04, 2017 1 min read

Daniel Licht, who created haunting music for some of entertainment's darker franchises, died yesterday after a battle with cancer. He was 60 years old.

Detroit-born Licht is known for his work in the later Silent Hill iterations, including Downpour and Book of Memories, as well as composing the music for the Dishonored games, including the ending theme song "Honor for All".

Outside of video games, Licht has worked on stalwart horror series such as Children of the Corn, Amityville, and Hellraiser. Perhaps his most commonly heard piece would be the music for serial-killer black-comedy Dexter, which won him several awards.

The sad news was announced on twitter by fellow game composer Austin Wintory (Flow, Journey) Licht is survived by his wife and son. A memorial is to be held on August 18 in Topanga, California.

Dishonored & Silent Hill composer Daniel Licht passes away screenshot