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Disney made automated stunt robots because why not?

June 28, 2018 1 min read

For years Disney has been known for their elaborate attractions and stage shows that run every day at their theme parks. From the mundane such as Pirates of the Caribbean to the explosive Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, these attractions have been a major part of why people keep coming back to the expensive theme parks. But a lot of this tech has been around for years, and with Disney acquiring more action-oriented IPs like Marvel and Star Wars there comes a need for more advanced tech, enter the terribly named but awesomely interesting Stuntronics project.

Coming from a research project based around seeing if a brick could maintain its center of gravity while spinning in the air and "land" correctly every time, Stuntronics is a line of human-shaped skeletal systems that do just that, stick their landing every time. Using a series of rangefinders, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and a pendulum launch system, the Stuntronic robot can launch itself in the air and do a range of stunts without the risk of human error or injury. An early prototype can be seen below.

Disney made automated stunt robots because why not? screenshot