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Do you have a collectors/rare gaming item support system?

August 02, 2017 1 min read

Every so often people ask me how I'm able to spot deals or get items that sell out instantly. Given that publishers typically aren't sending collector's editions or rare items out for review I have to sort of make it on my own, but over the years I've developed a support system of sorts that's really helped me out.

The whole amiibo craze really boosted my network, because for a while there, it was pretty dicey to get any figure, much less the store exclusives and anything in Wave 4. Even people here at Destructoid, both staff and reader alike joined in at various points in the hunt. But since then, Discord servers, subreddits, and various other public-facing networks have popped up to help.

It seems like it's us against the world for the SNES Classic though. Nintendo has been dancing this thing around like a puppet on strings, only to pull the puppeteer rod out when we're just in grasp. It'll be a team effort, and that entire concept got me thinking -- how many people just wing it, employ the same types of networks I've built, or just don't care at all.

Feel free to share your thoughts, especially if it's "I ignore all of this madness to keep my sanity intact."

Do you have a collectors/rare gaming item support system? screenshot