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Do you want more Conjuring/Annabelle movies?

August 14, 2017 1 min read

I liked The Conjuring well enough, and I do find creepy dolls really creepy, but of all the horror franchises in existence to have a horror "universe" born out of it I would not for a moment have guessed it would be the one about a frumpy married couple who get rid of ghosts. For its own part all four movies in the series have, at the very least been decent, so far, but I'm just not sure how far audiences will be willing to go with this. Then again, we're getting like a 20th Saw movie too so, who the hell knows anymore. 

Horror franchises do lend themselves to endless sequels considering there's always a fresh crop of idiots to terrorize in every film, but Annabelle is very different monster than the slasher killers of the 80s. She doesn't really move or anything, and now that we know how she was created where are we going to go with this? Then again, maybe her lag of stabby stabby kill kill will keep the franchise interesting. Seems audiences are still engaged anyway.

So who can't wait for The Sawing: Annabelle Meets Jigsaw? (Sidenote: Freddy vs. Jason is a modern masterpiece.)

Do you want more Conjuring/Annabelle movies? screenshot