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Doom Eternal third-person camera unlocked by modders

March 31, 2020 1 min read

When you think of Doom, whatever the generation, you immediately picture that classic first-person perspective, gun barrel (or chainsaw) sat center screen, head bobbing up and down, as you plough your way through the armies of hell. But let me just blow your mind for a moment with two words:

Third Person.

Boom! right? Well, perhaps not, in fact many would probably consider such a suggestion heresy. But for those of you curious as to how id Software's apocalyptic shooter would play in such a mode, it seems that modders have you covered.

The Fearless Cheat Engine community has discovered a third-person camera hidden within the code of the recent Doom Eternal which, upon activation, allows players to Rip and Tear from a whole new perspective. You can see a video (courtesy of Gameplay Store) of the mod in action below. It's pretty wild, and frankly a bit dizzying, but it gives those up-close-and-personal executions a whole new level of gory glory.

Doom Eternal third-person camera unlocked by modders screenshot