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Doom VFR makes me sick

December 11, 2017 1 min read

I like to gush about how good I think Doom 2016 is. Some naysayers on the sidelines like to point out its flaws, and I respect that; nothing is perfect, and I could write a doctorate on the fundamental differences between new and old Doom and why I still believe the original is a superior game. But sitting down with a remake/sequel/whatever decades after the original came out and saying aloud, “holy shit, they didn’t fuck this up” is as remarkable achievement as any, and I’ll be playing it long after people have forgotten it exists - if the developers let us forget, since it will likely be re-released eight hundred times, a trend which is already apparently beginning.

Being a bit of a VR advocate and loving Doom meant I was pretty excited to see how Doom VFR would turn out. So it’s utterly disappointing to me that I have to be writing this now with borderline annoyed negativity, because for me personally, Doom VFR is a let down. There may be a decent experience there. It might be as good a transition to VR as is possible. But for the first time ever playing a game on the HTC Vive, I experienced all of the negative effects people complain about - including crippling, shock-like nausea which cut my total play time down to under a single miserable, unplayable hour.

Doom VFR makes me sick screenshot