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Dragalia Lost's limited-time events burned me out hard

February 09, 2019 2 min read

It says a lot about the weary nature of gacha games that I’ve stepped back on my relatively idealistic outlook towards them in such little time. I was already wary of them even while trying to remain relatively optimistic, and though I still enjoy what I previously said I enjoyed about them, that wariness has grown much more.

Back in late 2018, I considered Dragalia Lost one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. It had high production values, it scratched my hack-and-slash itch, the cast won me over, and the developers constantly delivered patches in direct response to player feedback. The one major gripe I had at launch was the poorly skewed gacha rates, and even that did relatively little to damage my interest when I became a big fan of most of its common-rarity characters. I held it in much higher regard than CJ did in his review because to me, it felt like a great game that kept getting better.

Now I only pop in once in a week or so to collect a login bonus and immediately log off. I still feel there is a good game there, one that’s especially worth playing with friends. But almost every time I suggest pals give it a shot, I add, “Just be careful not to play too much during events.” I say this because I don’t want them to get burnt out through grinding the same way I did. This grindy phenomenon isn't new to the mobile game space, but I want to cast some more light on this issue through a game I used to be much more enthusiastic about.

Dragalia Lost's limited-time events burned me out hard screenshot