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Dragon Quest's legends littered with lighthearted levity

February 26, 2018 1 min read

Role-playing games are usually lauded for dramatic storytelling first and foremost. Sure, there’s a lot of comic relief in our favorite RPGs, but “serious story” tends to be what defines them most. It’s what most of us think about when critiquing them, anyway. Yet curiously, one of Square Enix’s longest-running IPs is more iconic for its quirky tone.

Dragon Quest games tell a variety of tales, ranging from simple destinies to jaunts filled with comedy to tear-jerking twists to the gut. Heck, Dragon Quest V has the darkest story in the series, featuring (MANY SAD SPOILERS REDACTED), and it’s a fan favorite. If anything, I should be advocating for more games in this series to follow in its somber footsteps, which I gladly will do! But like the rest of the series, even DQV is stuffed with puns and oddities which set an overarching mood of levity. And this series is all the more lovable for how it uses them.

Dragon Quest's legends littered with lighthearted levity screenshot