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Dragon’s Dogma II is officially happening

June 16, 2022 2 min read

Dragon's Dogma II

"Sorry to have kept you waiting"

During the Dragon's Dogma10th anniversary stream, Capcom kept us waiting, but finally confirmed what we've all been waiting for: a sequel is happening! Dragon's Dogma II is real.

Game director Hideaki Itsuno spoke about his origins with RPGs and the development process for the still-unique-to-this-day Dragon's Dogma before showing his new t-shirt and confirming that, yes, Dragon's Dogma II is "currently in development."

Here's... the sequel's logo:

Dragon's Dogma II logo

To be clear, no gameplay footage — not even a snippet — was shown. No window, either.

According to Itsuno, "everyone in the development team is hard at work creating a game that we hope you will enjoy." He closed the stream with a classic "please look forward to it," and that was it. After much speculation, I'm just glad it's now out in the open.

Dragon's Dogma is something of a flawed (and charmingly funny) gem, and while we did eventually get Dark Arisen, the time is right for a firing-on-all-cylinders sequel. The series has picked up fans over the years — it even got a Netflix anime adaptation — and it's clear that Itsuno is passionate about returning to high-fantasy role-playing action.


Imagine your Pawns in the RE Engine

After the stream, Capcom confirmed that Dragon's Dogma II will use the RE Engine.

Not that many games could get my imagination this fired up with just a logo announcement, but then again, Dragon's Dogma isn't most games. While details are basically non-existent at this point, it's easy to imagine how cool some of these creatures will look in a modern engine and how ridiculous our friendly neighborhood Pawns will be.

Coming off of Elden Ring, I'm so ready to see what Capcom can deliver.

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