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Dragonball: Evolution is one of the best-worst movies ever

July 02, 2017 1 min read

It’s no secret that faithfully adapting any kind of property is a tall order. Adaptations often result in atrocious products, born from disinterested creators and corporate interests looking to make some quick bank. However, on the surface it isn’t immediately obvious why it’s so damn hard to adapt an anime, or a game, into a new medium. Why is it so hard? Well, in short, if the folks behind the adaptation aren’t prepared to deal with the expectations of fans, or challenges behind translating a work into a different medium, they’re already making something that’s garbage. Adapting a property is like climbing a mountain; sure, it seems easy and all, but if you rush yourself and go in unprepared, you’re doomed to lose your footing, and unwittingly plunge into the dark recesses of internet hate.

But sometimes, a miracle happens. Sometimes the people adapting a property don’t give a shit, and climb the mountain buck-ass-naked. Sometimes, they fall so easily and hit the ground so hard it inadvertently shatters the fabric of reality, leaving the world they tried to re-create unrecognizable from the original. Sometimes, they create a masterpiece of a disaster, leaving us with a hilarious movie on par with the The Room or Samurai Cop.

Yeah, that’s Dragonball: Evolution, and here's why it’s one of the best-worst movies ever.

Dragonball: Evolution is one of the best-worst movies ever screenshot