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Dreams players are just warming up and I'm already so impressed

January 28, 2019 2 min read

LittleBigPlanetmaker Media Molecule is putting its latest creation game, Dreams, to the test. We've seen bits and pieces of what some fans have been crafting, but due to a non-disclosure agreement that kept beta players from streaming or sharing their work, there hasn't been an outburst of activity.

That's going to change this week. The Dreams beta will continue until February 4, and as of today, Media Molecule has done away with its restrictive NDA. Players can now share to their heart's content.

(If you're having trouble streaming via the Share button, note that the studio is working on a fix.)

Despite a lack of tutorials in the beta, folks have wasted no time toying around with Dreamsand getting started on their levels, sculptures, puppets, and animations. The studio highlighted some of its favorite player-made beta creations during multiple streams, the first of which can be seen archived here.

I don't have beta access, so I've just had to live vicariously through others. I like how reddit user OutOfBootyExperience summed up their experience with Dreams as a window into players' minds.

"Other mediums have such a steep learning curve that it sort of limits what people can do regardless of how ambitious their thoughts of, but Dreams feels like it truly gives a full world of options for people to express themselves. Everything from horror scenery, nostalgic scenery, to abstract worlds is captured without hesitation. I truly have never felt so much expression in a game."

"Even something like [LittleBigPlanet] which had endless customization felt more like people's ideas," noted OutOfBootyExperience, whose name I can't get over. "Dreams feels like people's...actual dreams. You can be transported to these worlds that would never have been possible to share before."

The NDA may be gone, but not everything has been uploaded yet for the general public to see. That said, I've compiled a handful of eye-catching creations and you can find more using #DreamsPS4.

Dreams players are just warming up and I'm already so impressed screenshot