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Drugs, booze, and Dragon Ball Z: Friendships and fighting games

January 20, 2018 1 min read

My friend Johnny and I had a complicated relationship based around loneliness, a mutual sense of humor, drugs, booze, and video games. I’m not sure if we were ever really friends. One time he tried to open up to me about his dad and their problems, and it just made me feel uncomfortable; I never felt like myself around Johnny. But we spent an insane amount of time together in my teenage years.

I didn’t really get along well with anyone, and even though I had no good reason to trust him either since he fucked me over just as much as anyone else, there was something that kept our shitty friendship going, and it didn’t end until much later when we eventually grew apart. I met my future wife, kept trying to move into the realm of adulthood while battling my crippling social anxiety and bitterness, and Johnny – well, he eventually got a job at a liquor store after being admitted for drug-induced schizophrenia.

But mostly we were pals, and we had fun times. A lot of those times centered on fighting games. We would smoke a metric ton of weed after school sometimes and play Soulcaliber II for hours. I practically mastered Mitsurugi. I made his skill set my personal sword-swinging tango. Johnny was an expert Nightmare player. We played others as well, but our Mitsurugi/Nightmare fights were for the ages. More often than not they would go on until the timer ran out because we learned so well how to counter and block one another.

Drugs, booze, and Dragon Ball Z: Friendships and fighting games screenshot