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(Update) Dynasty Warriors 9 news is just on the horizon

April 28, 2017 1 min read

[Update: It was just revealed that said info is coming on May 11.]

So uh, is Dynasty Warriors 9 still coming? We haven't heard anything really since December of last year. Naturally, this article should be a clue -- yes, it is!

Series producer Akihiro Suzuki caved after all of the clamoring on Twitter, and provided the following statement: "I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Further information on Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released starting in May!"

Well, it's a little light in terms of an announcement, but it's something. This is a project that I'm very interested in seeing with the move to an open world, something Koei Tecmo rarely, if ever does (based on the teaser art it seems to be a larger scale than Dragon Quest Heroes II's hubs). While they've muddled the market a bit with so many sequels to so many spinoffs, you can usually count on the core Musou series to deliver.

I'm in "wait and see" mode here -- I just hope that open world isn't full of icons and junk.

Akihiro Suzuki [Twitter]

(Update) Dynasty Warriors 9 news is just on the horizon screenshot