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E3 2018 press conference and stream schedule

May 09, 2018 1 min read

Once again Destructoid will be covering E3 2018's press conferences live on location, and now that we basically know where everyone stands outside of Sony, it's time to publish the full schedule and see what we're looking at.

In the past few years E3 has crept up on the weekend, and we basically have conferences from Saturday, June 9 all the way through Tuesday, June 12. Once again Nintendo has bogarted the Tuesday slot all to themselves, and Monday is completely packed to the point where some of you are probably going to be taking off work. There's a lot of slight changes and at least one big alteration this year -- Bethesda isn't annoyingly going to run at 12 midnight Eastern anymore, as it's now been shifted to 9:30 PM ET on Saturday, June 10.

Once we get more information on potential smaller conferences (remember that crazy one from Konami eight years ago?) we'll add them in. Also, once the conference is done and we've recapped it, we'll post that below too. Strap in, E3 is nearly here and the ride has already begun.

E3 2018 press conference and stream schedule screenshot