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EA games may be making their return to the Steam platform

October 28, 2019 1 min read

Over the past week, several discoveries, rumours and teasers all seem to be pointing toward the possibility that Electronic Arts will be offering PC games via Steam once again, some eight years after it moved away from the platform to concentrate on its own launcher, Origin.

The murmurs began when Twitter user @RobotBrush posted a line of code dug out from a test application. The code contains dialogue that allows Origin and Steam to communicate, implying that purchases might be shared between platforms, or that you'd possibly require installation of both platforms in order to use Origin games through Steam, or vice versa (all of this is currently speculation.)

Something a little more official arrived just before the weekend, when EA tweeted out the image of a "steaming" mug emblazoned with the publisher's logo. To be fair, that's actually quite a smart tease, and without the RobotBrush find would be quite the riddle.

Still, despite all of the above, there is no official word just yet on EA's plans to partner up once again with Steam, nor how this partnership of shared purchases would work. We will, of course, keep you up to date with further developments.

EA games may be making their return to the Steam platform screenshot