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EA is investigating why Anthem is crashing PS4s

March 05, 2019 1 min read

Over the weekend, various reports were coming from users on Reddit that Anthem had been crashing their PS4s. One user reported a completely bricked console and others were claiming that Sony had begun issuing refunds for digital purchases of the game in response to these claims. While there isn't any confirmation of those stories, EA has now officially come out and stated that Anthem is indeed causing system lockups on PS4.

In a Tweet late last night, EA states it is aware of the crashing issue and is prompting players to send their crash data reports so that the company can get to work on a fix. A thread has been created on EA's website so that players can further detail what issues they are personally experiencing. A quick survey of the response shows that this isn’t just affecting base PS4 consoles, but also PS4 Pro devices.

EA is investigating why Anthem is crashing PS4s screenshot