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Early Access Review: Dead Cells

May 25, 2017 1 min read

You've probably played parts of Dead Cells before. Its DNA is familiar, a patchwork assembly of recognizable influences. There are echoes of Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid in the 2D action platformer. Rogue Legacy's persistent unlocks across randomized runs reinforce Dead Cells' core gameplay. Even Bloodborne, with its hurried melee strikes and rallying health regeneration, informs its fast-paced combat.

It'd be easy to look at the borrowed bits and reworked ideas mentioned above and write Dead Cells off as a weird Frankenstein's monster title, full of copied mechanics and gameplay systems. On paper, it sure reads like that. But to play Dead Cells and see how its pieces come together; to feel how it adopts elements and twists them together to create something different, is to experience a vision of excellence. It looks great and plays even better. It's an electric mix of polish and challenge that's all the more impressive considering the metroidvania/rogue-lite/whatever we're calling them these days only just released on Early Access.

Early Access Review: Dead Cells screenshot