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Early Access Review: Torchlight III

June 17, 2020 1 min read

I didn't expect to be playing Torchlight III so soon, and definitely not in Early Access, but here we are. Well, here some of us are. After a surprise release over the weekend, the dust has settled. It's playable.

One glance at the Steam user review section paints a grim picture; that's what happens when an online-only sequel to a popular series comes out of the gate with server issues. For my part, I didn't start playing Torchlight III until Monday – by that point, at least for me, the connection issues weren't as prevalent – but I still faced a few way-too-long loading screens that kicked me back to the menu.

The thing is, it's not just disconnects. While I initially thought people were being too hard on the game (and some of the knee-jerk reactions undoubtedly were), there are also fundamental design concerns.

Is Torchlight III worth playing yet? For most people – even longtime fans – probably not.

Early Access Review: Torchlight III screenshot