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EGLX, Canada's biggest gaming convention, is underway

March 09, 2018 1 min read

After years of pining for a "Destructoid Convention" in the comments of many a cblog, we finally have the opportunity to help host EGLX in Toronto with Enthusiast Gaming. Papa Niero, our founder is here, as well as myself, Jordan, Brett, Wes, and CJ -- if you see us, come say hi!

In case you haven't been in previous years there's a pretty wide variety of stuff to do at EGLX, from checking out indie games to picking up merch from local vendors, as well as big-ticket convention activities like panels (ours was earlier today, thanks to everyone who attended!), PC free play stations, speedrun competitions, and eSports tournaments. As I was walking into the convention center I overheard someone say "this is more intense than I thought," which I feel adequately explains the scope of everything Enthusiast is trying to accomplish.

Check out the gallery below to get a feel for the show, and if we don't see you this weekend, we'll catch you next year! If you are here, you can find us at our two parties.

EGLX, Canada's biggest gaming convention, is underway screenshot