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EGLX was my first gaming convention and it won't be my last

March 20, 2018 2 min read

I’m not entirely sure an early weekend in March, the weekend where daylight saving begins and we all lose an hour of sleep on Sunday, is the best time to hold a video game convention. I don’t remember a point during the five days I was in Canada where it wasn’t below freezing, my lips becoming more and more chapped with every sudden ice flurry that battered my face. It was downright dreary on the frozen streets of Mississauga, but inside the convention doors of the International Centre, I quickly warmed myself with the genial hospitality of the Enthusiast Gaming crew and the general atmosphere of the thousands in attendance.

EGLX was my very first gaming convention. Though I’ve been writing for this site for roughly four years this week, I’ve never had the chance to go to E3 or PAX or even Gaymer X. It was never in the cards for me, so when I was invited by Destructoid to cover the show in Canada, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. A $200 passport fee and a five-hour flight later, I’d made it to a show I really didn’t have any faith in.

Destructoid was purchased by Enthusiast Gaming last year after E3 and since then I didn’t know what to expect from our new owners. Not much changed with the site, so when I found out they were putting on their own gaming convention, I honestly thought it would be some chintzy event that would leave us all embarrassed to be there. I’m a cynical guy so I didn’t expect much. I didn’t expect four massive stages for competitive gaming. I didn’t expect three days’ worth of educational panels. I didn’t even realize I was sitting on a panel until the day before. I didn’t expect to meet the developers of Cuphead or see some truly amazing cosplay or have a long conversation about games with a complete stranger while playing Halo on Xbox One.

Having never been to a gaming show I didn’t know where exactly to set the bar. A week out from the show that bar is now set extraordinarily high as EGLX introduced me to the gaming community in a way no other event had before.

EGLX was my first gaming convention and it won't be my last screenshot