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Eight horror games you must play before you die (of fright!)

October 28, 2017 1 min read

[This is not a drill, people - you only have three and a half more days to play horror games. After Tuesday night, you have to put them all back on the shelf until next October. Nobody plays horror games November-September. It's illegal. Probably. Let Casus Gaming give you a horror game primer to help you squeeze in a few last titles before the season is up. Did he miss some? Discuss in the comments below, and sell potential players on what other horror games must be experienced before the sweet release of death takes us all! - Wes]

People celebrate Halloween in...different ways. Some people dress up as slutty potted plants and go to parties. Others get together and watch horror movies til their eyes bleed.

I play video games.

So with the spirit of Spooktobersween in the air, I wanted to share what I (and one other friend who brainstormed with me) consider to be eight of the essential must-play-before-you-die horror games.

There are a few rules for this list.

  • First, only one game per series because otherwise this list would be dominated with Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
  • Two, I tried to pick games that embody different styles of horror.
  • Three, if there's an amazing horror game you think I missed, I probably didn't play it.
  • Four, a game doesn't necessarily have to be scary to be horror. In fact action games can make for perfectly good horror games too, if done right.

And in no particular order, here's the top eight horror games you must play before you die!

Eight horror games you must play before you die (of fright!) screenshot