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Eminem sampled a Kingdom Hearts song and it is not simple, nor clean

September 03, 2018 1 min read

In case you aren't up on your Eminem history: he ain't Marshall no more, and he also dropped his tenth studio album, Kamikaze, last week. Discerning ears managed to listen in on the song "Good Guy" and hear a clear homage to Kingdom Heartswith the sample Simple & Clean, which Eminem is not denying.

Speaking to Rolling Stone he outright confirms it that he and his production crew put it in: "That’s me doing my video game thing. Kingdom Hearts. It’s a Japanese videogame, and that’s the theme song from it. It’s one of the dopest melodies I’ve ever heard. Shout out Japanese videogames and Japanimation for inspiration. Filtered it, did some chops, did some processing to it. I basically made it unrecognizable, but I know they would have still found it. That’s why we had to deal with the clearance. But when I do anything I try to make it to where it’s not fully recognizable."

Although he says that he significantly changed the track, you can clearly hear it in the NSFW video below. Like Elvis, Kingdom Hearts is everywhere. It just got a brand new World of Warcraft reference (above), and Kingdom Hearts III is finally dated for a worldwide launch on January 29, 2019.

Eminem Producer Explains Why ‘Kamikaze’ Is a Throwback to Slim Shady [Rolling Stone via VG247]

Eminem sampled a Kingdom Hearts song and it is not simple, nor clean screenshot