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Epic Games Store has a $10 coupon for games that cost $14.99 or more

December 19, 2019 1 min read

Epic is drawing as many eyes as it can to the Epic Games Store before 2020. Apart from 12 days of free games, it's now offering $10 coupons – and lots of them. Just by showing up to the store's Holiday Sale, you'll get a $10 Epic Coupon that will work on any currently-released game that's $14.99 or more.

Here's the ridiculous part: every time you use one of these coupons, you'll get another one.

The Holiday Sale 2019 runs until 11:00am EST on January 1, 2020, at which point you'll no longer earn new coupons. That said, your Epic Coupon won't expire until 2:59am EST on May 1, 2020.

They also can't be applied to "pre-purchases or any non-game purchase such as add-ons (like DLC or season passes) or in-game purchases (such as in-game currency, like Vbucks in Fortnite)."

With that in mind, I'm looking at Borderlands 3, which would drop from $38.99 to $28.99 with the coupon. You might also consider Control (for $30.19), Wattam($9.99), Ancestors($9.99), Superliminal ($5.99), Manifold Garden($7.99), Afterparty ($5.99), World War Z ($4.99), or Anno 1800 ($22.99).

Basically, if you've ever thought about getting an Epic Store exclusive, now's the time.

If you're paying in a currency other than USD, the minimum purchase amount needed to activate the Epic Coupon and the value of the discount will vary. Follow the link below for a specific breakdown.

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2019 [Epic]

Epic Games Store has a $10 coupon for games that cost $14.99 or more screenshot