Epic has a Black Friday sale too

November 22, 2019 1 min read

There's one more Black Friday sale this year because there's one more digital store. At this time in 2018, the Epic Games Store didn't yet exist. Now it does, so you have one more list of deals to peruse and consider.

Epic's first Black Friday sale has 87 games -- normally a good number, but sort of modest as far as these things go. Interestingly, Epic's weekly dose of freebies kind of works against its Black Friday offerings. Anyone who has been diligently building their library via Epic's free games will notice a lot of those same titles at a discounted rate here. No thanks, I already have it!

The standout is probably Red Dead Redemption 2 for $47.99 considering the PC port released just a few weeks ago. Also, Borderlands 3 is $40.19. Console players might be able to find better deals, but anyone who wants to play on PC kind of has their hands tied when it comes to some of these games -- at least until the timed-exclusivity wears out.

Epic has a Black Friday sale too screenshot