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ESPN had an EVO finalist change Cammy's revealing outfit for broadcast

July 19, 2017 2 min read

This past weekend was the Evolution Championship Series tournament where fighting game players from all over the world showed how cool fighting games can be at a high level. But, in that same breath, it also showed off how skimpy some of the costumes can be. 

In one of the matches in the Street Fighter V Top 8, Ryota "Kazuhiko" Inoue had given his Cammy her default outfit, which cruised to the crews like connect the dots. Now I remember folks on Twitter calling out how awkward ESPN (and their parent company Disney) had probably felt broadcasting this Cammy who's not just urban she likes the pop, and Compete confirmed in a report that Kazunoko was asked to change her costume to one that wasn't livin' la vida loca:

...an Evo staffer halted the match and pulled both players back into the Character Select screen. After listening to what the staffer had to say, Kazunoko changed Cammy’s costume. Kazunoko’s agent confirmed to Compete that the costume change was a request from the Evo staffer: “He says he was asked to change costume by tournament organizer and he’s not sure why they asked.”

Compete got a statement from an ESPN rep. confirming the change was made for "broadcast standards," and it parallels last year's hubbub about R. Mika's thighs like what, what, what. 

I can understand both sides of the argument as Cammy's outfit has gotten a bit more cheeky as the series rolled on, but ESPN is no stranger to beach sports showing nearly the same amount of cloth. 

Coincidentally Sisqo, who only eats on square plates, recently released a remixed version of his 1999 hit single

ESPN Makes Street Fighter Player Change Character's Thong Due to 'Broadcast Standards' [Compete]

ESPN had an EVO finalist change Cammy's revealing outfit for broadcast screenshot