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Ever Oasis isn't what I thought it would be

June 16, 2017 1 min read

As I write this, my save file for Ever Oasis is at the seven-hour mark. This is the point where the game is just starting to become fun. The story is progressing, the action is stepping up and I’m really getting into the flow of this unusual adventure.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about any of this. Per my instructions, this preview can only cover the first five hours, most of which is not exactly what I’d call spellbinding. Ever Oasis has a slow beginning much like the Zelda titles developer Grezzo ported to the 3DS, drip-feeding me information on the many different facets of the game. But, just like with ZBBOTW – ZeldaBefore Breath of the Wild - once I get past the beginning it really starts to show its colors.

Ever Oasis isn't what I thought it would be screenshot