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Exploring Hyrule and gender identity

February 20, 2021 1 min read

[With the 35th anniversary ofThe Legend of Zelda upon us, Destructoid is taking a look back at the series with original features covering some of our favorite aspects of the franchise. When I originally announced the plans for a "Zelda Week," the first thing brought up to me was this blog from Destructoid community member Seymour. Multiple people wanted to see it back on our front page, so here it is. Thanks Seymour and enjoy! ~CJ] 

Breath of the Wild became a very special game for me over the course of my first 30-40 hours. It wasn't just the high-quality open world design or delightful quests, but one unexpectedly engaging facet. A facet that was brought on to me via a short strand of these aforementioned quests within the desert wastes.

Exploring Hyrule and gender identity screenshot