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Extra Life 2017: One More Weekend For The Kids

December 14, 2017 2 min read

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Hey, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Giant Bomb team has raised over $250,000 bucks for Extra Life this year alone, and over $1,000,000 since we started doing these streams way back when!

We’re not done yet, though: we’ve got a few more streams on the way over the next few days for anyone who has either not donated a few bucks to a worthy cause, or those of you who haven’t yet seen anyone stream a videogame yet! It’s the hot new thing that all the tweens are raving about, and we’re right there on the hype train, being all “on fleek” with our fidget spinners and Bitcoins. Join us, fellow kids, as we try to send a bunch more money to Extra Life!

First up, friend of the site Aurahack is going to be running a full 24 hours on her own from 11 AM Thursday morning to 11 AM Friday morning! You can expect a variety of art and painting, with a bunch of games thrown in between those segments as well. Check out the chat all day long!

Starting at 11 AM on Friday the Giant Bomb West folks will start up. We’re going to split this up into a few chunks, though! From 11 AM to 7 PM most of us will be live in the studio, playin’ some games and chatting it up, giving some stuff away, and maybe building something?

At 7 PM one Jeff Gerstmann will be taking over the chatroom with eight solid hours from his home studio. Old games? New games? I’d bet on a mixture of both.


From 3 AM Saturday to 11 AM Saturday, myself (Matthew Rorie, Esquire) will be catching the night owls for another eight hours of fun. I’ve been streaming some of my GOTY candidates recently and I’ll probably continue down that dark path, but there’ll also hopefully be time for some Community Co-op Corner and perhaps a long-threatened Tales From The Support Queue before the sun comes up?

At 11 AM, I’ll pass the baton off to none other than Danny O’Dwyer who’ll be taking us home with another 12 hours of streaming. How many chicken dinners can one man eat? We’ll all find out together!

Thanks as always to everyone who has supported our Extra Life efforts, whether by donating to our team or streaming yourselves! Let's suit up for one more weekend and save a few lives!