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Factori is a neat mash-up of letters and logic coming to Steam

August 30, 2022 2 min read

Factori Steam

You can also pick up its previous versions right now

What's in a word, but an arrangement of letters? Factori is a neat-looking indie game that takes the alphabet and asks you to make "soup" and other words with it, factory-style.

Factori essentially seems like a mash-up between words and logic, like if Zachtronics made a game about forming words. You start with just one resource, the letter i.

From there you can bend, rotate, reflect, and more, eventually making more complex letters. Then you can use those complex letters to form words, optimizing chains and hunting for secret letters.

The initial version of factori was made for the 2021 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam, where it took home the #1 spot. Developer Star Garden Games went on to refine the free demo into a 1.0 version, which you can currently purchase on Itch.io.

Steam-powered factori

Today's announcement, which brought this to my attention in the first place, is that Star Garden is now planning to bring factori to Steam. And it's not just a port of the 1.0 version from Itch, either.

According to Star Garden's blog, factori will hit Steam with several new features. This includes a hard mode, which has restrictions on certain buildings that can be used. A dark mode is also on the way, which is always, always a good choice.


There are also more secrets, some quality-of-life improvements, and more to be announced. Basically, it sounds like Star Garden is adding a little more to the factori with each new release. And if you already dug the original idea, these new twists being added seem pretty interesting.

There's no ETA on the Steam version of factori just yet outside of a 2023 estimation. The team has set up several social platforms, including Discord, Twitter, and a newsletter, so you can be notified on any announcements. You can find it on Steam here.

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