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Fairy Tail already has over $150 worth of DLC available

August 06, 2020 1 min read

Koei Tecmo's anime RPG Fairy Tail may have only just launched a week ago, but the publisher has already released an expensive season pass, which will bring new characters and content to the anime adaptation just weeks after the base game's arrival.

For the sum of around $60 USD, the Fairy Tail season pass will add four new characters to the adventure, along with an extreme difficulty option, and one new dungeon. Lyon Vastia and Levy McGarden will arrive on August 20, followed by Lisanna and Elfman Strauss on September 3. An additional dungeon, "A Rift in Time and Space," will round out the content on September 17.

In addition, multiple $40 costume sets - which are not included in the season pass - have also hit the Steam store. This takes the grand total of Fairy Tail's base game, season pass, and costume sets to somewhere in the region of $240. Of course, people are entitled to spend their money however they please, but it's yet another example of Dead or Alive syndrome, where dedicated fans - having already stumped up 60 bucks to buy the initial product - are squeezed tighter still before their game is barely out of its wrapping.

Fairy Tail is available now on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Fairy Tail already has over $150 worth of DLC available screenshot