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Faking it: Finishing games

September 18, 2017 1 min read

[Has a pesky backlog got your hard drive and game shelf all clogged up worse than a Taco Bell bathroom? Let TurboKill's handy-dandy tips on completing games give you a little boost! This is an entry from August's Bloggers Wanted prompt. We're going HAM on blog promotions this month, so write something for this month's prompt and you just might get your work featured by Dtoid! - Wes]

Look at your backlog, now look at me. Look again at your backlog, then turn to a mirror, and now back to me. That's a lot of games and I'm sure you're struggling looking at yourself in the mirror. Unfortunately, I can't fix that face of yours; however I'm willing to give you some tips to help you with that backlog problem. Here are a few EZPZ games to get started with:

Faking it: Finishing games screenshot