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Fall Guys has already sold over two million copies on PC

August 10, 2020 1 min read

Devolver Digital has released a small list of fun figures pertaining to its madcap battle royale extravaganza Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which launched last week on PS4 and PC.

In just seven days, over two million copies of the online multiplayer title have been sold on the Steam platform, (the game is free-to-play on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers). Over the week, a staggering 60 million Fall Guys have fallen while on their never-say-die quest to grab one of the 1.5 million crowns captured thus far. Also a smash hit on social media, Fall Guys has clocked up over 23 million collective hours of viewing time on streaming services. You're all sadists.

When Fall Guys launched on August 4, it was a runaway success. So much so, that the game had to be taken offline after initial swarms of players wreaked havoc with the servers. Having since been "beefed up" in efforts to improve stability, Fall Guys has been enjoying a consistent stream of both players and viewers. On Saturday, Steam recorded a peak 124,000 players, all gunning for the brass ring... erm... crown.

Are you one of the millions currently enjoying Fall Guys? Perhaps you've already won multiple rounds, or unlocked the hardest achievement of all time. Fill us in below with some of your anecdotes from this crazy title. I'm yet to spend any decent amount of time with it, but I'm pretty sure I'd win every single game.

Fall Guys is available now on PC via Steam and PS4 via PlayStation Plus.

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Fall Guys has already sold over two million copies on PC screenshot