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Fallout: New Vegas is on Game Pass just in time for The Outer Worlds

October 17, 2019 2 min read

We're only a week out from Obsidian's new RPG The Outer Worlds, but in the meantime, Fallout: New Vegasis calling my name. It's joining the Xbox Game Pass catalog today, and honestly, one little run across the desert couldn't hurt. I wonder what Craig Boon, Lily Bowen, and ED-E are up to these days.

We all have our favorite New Vegasmemories, I'm sure. One immediately springs to my mind.

All these years later, it's hard to piece together what actually happened in the game and what my memory thinkshappened, but my playthrough definitely involved working my way into the Caesar's Legion stronghold, hearing the baddies out (like you do in any RPG with multiple factions), and accidentally getting the party started with a Power Fist punch. My wanderer was low on supplies and wasn't specced for brawls. Didn't matter! I kept reloading an ill-advised autosave until things finally worked in my favor. When everything was said and done, The Fort was even more of a deranged mess.

For me, a huge part of the fun of the Fallout series (and New Vegasin particular) was always getting in and out of jams. Also, we've all done some sinister shit in the name of Xbox 360 achievements.

Beyond New Vegas, Game Pass also added the original Xbox rail shooter Panzer Dragoon Orta a long-time curiosity of mine and Felix the Reaper a peculiar romcom puzzle adventure for subscribers.

Maybe you can squeeze one of these in before The Outer Worldshits Game Pass for Xbox One and also PC (!) on October 25. I'm not entirely sure what to expect in terms of length, but knowing Obsidian, they'll find plenty of ways to keep us absorbed with stray story threads and distractions.

Fallout: New Vegas is on Game Pass just in time for The Outer Worlds screenshot