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Fans are flocking to Bloodborne again for Return to Yharnam

March 23, 2021 1 min read

Just in time for Bloodborne's anniversary, the community-run Return to Yharnam event is back this week to beckon fans who only need the lightest of nudges to warrant another playthrough. I'll be honest, it would be a lot more tempting with a PS5 performance patch – but I respect the tradition.

Return to Yharnam will begin on March 24th, Bloodborne's 6th Anniversary! from r/bloodborne

For those of you who have never knowingly participated in the annual fan event (or could perhaps use a little refresher), Return to Yharnam runs from March 24 to April 7 and there's an optional Discord.

While there are overall suggestions – like flipping your Network settings to "worldwide," PVPing in each zone before moving along, and leaving cheeky notes behind that say "You're in the know, right?" – you can of course play as you see fit. A PlayStation Plus membership is needed for multiplayer, though.

To get the most out of player-on-player antics, it is recommended that you create a new character.

The guiding principle behind Return to Yharnam is to "engage in as much co-op as possible," a sentiment I truly appreciate. When it comes down to it, this is a chance to experience Bloodborne again with a lively community. It could be your moment to go hard with a new-to-you weapon or build – or maybe you need a helping hand to survive the Old Hunters. The First Vicar still gives me nightmares.

Happy sixth birthday, Bloodborne. I got you a fistful of slugs.

Fans are flocking to Bloodborne again for Return to Yharnam screenshot