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Far Cry 5's soundtrack keeps me coming back

April 02, 2018 1 min read

Far Cry 5has been a game full of surprises for me -- some good, some bad, some amazing.

I ended up buying it on a whim the night before launch. Despite playing and liking every Far Cryto date (even Primal!) , I just wasn't interested in Far Cry 5leading up to its release. I was skeptical of the doomsday cult angle. I wasn't totally sold on the setting. I didn't think I needed another Ubisoft open-world title right now. But, at the last minute, something in the back of my mind went off -- I decided I wanted nothing more than to mess around in Montana with assorted animal buddies at my side.

On that front, Far Cry 5has delivered. It's risky to make this claim before giving my thoughts enough time to settle in and solidify, but it might be my favorite in the series. There are caveats, of course.

Far Cry 5's soundtrack keeps me coming back screenshot