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Fargo season 4 to star Chris Rock

August 03, 2018 1 min read

Celebrated comedian and co-star of Grown Ups 2 is due to star in the next season of Fargo, the critically-acclaimed FX crime drama/dark comedy/genre-bender. The anthology series by Noah Hawley (Legion) is loosely based on the Coen Brothers film of the same name, and features a different cast and time period each season. This upcoming installment will feature Rock as a crime boss in a predicament, with the season being set in 1950.

According to The Wrap, the story involves two factions of the Kansas City mafia—one Italian, the other African-American. The two syndicates share an uneasy peace, with both crime families trading their eldest sons to practically raise as their own. Rock plays the head of the African-American syndicate, but all changes when the head of the Kansas City mafia dies during a routine surgery. Production will begin next year.

Fargo season 4 to star Chris Rock screenshot