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Fatalis is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's final prey

August 28, 2020 1 min read

Capcom has revealed the final behemoth heading to the killing fields of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. As predicted by many in the Monster Hunter community, it is none-other than the fearsome elder dragon Fatalis, who will be gracing us with its presence October 1..

Originally making its debut in the very first Monster Hunter release, Fatalis is something of a legend within the MH universe. The gargantuan black dragon follows the more traditional tropes of the fantasy species, both in visual appearance and its range of fire-breathing, tail-lashing attacks. Fatalis is also capable of flight through the use of its huge, powerful wings.

Defeating Fatalis will reward your party with Fatalis-themed armour, weaponry, and clothing. Given the fact that this terrifying creature can wipe out most parties with relative ease, here's hoping that you're prepared. This battle could be the very moment you've been training for, Hunters.

Fatalis is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's final prey screenshot