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Fate/Grand Order celebrates ensnaring 2 million innocents

January 17, 2018 2 min read

Fate/Grand Order might be one of the crueler varieties of mobile gacha game, but that hasn't stopped it from achieving some measure of popularity, if the game's latest announcement is to be believed. The FGO website has announced that the English version of Fate/Grand Order has been downloaded 2 million times since its release last year, and they're celebrating the milestone by making it a good time for folks to actually start playing. Starting tomorrow and running through the 25th, players that just log in to the game each day will receive 25 units of Saint Quartz premium currency, as well as a handful of summoning tickets and other goodies. Further, a special Craft Essence accessory featuring unique art of the characters featured in the game's intro movie will be made available alongside a character outfit based on Saber's casual wear from Fate/Stay Night.

Everyone gets that stuff, but it's new players that get the most, as the game is re-running its "Start Dash" introductory campaign. Newly created accounts that clear the introductory chapter of the story and log in daily for a week will net up to 40 more Saint Quartz (in addition to the celebratory campaign rewards) and various other rewards.

Naturally, Aniplex have provided a place to spend all that newly-acquired Saint Quartz, as they'll be running a special summoning banner featuring the limited 5-Star Lancer-class Servant Brynhild. A war goddess, Valkyrie, daughter of Odin, Wagnerian archetype, and hair-alike to Pokemon's Lusamine, Bryn is a top-tier Lancer that does extra damage to characters that remind her of her heroic ex Sigurd. Other characters like Irish fella Fionn mac Cumhaill and Beowulf, hero of the Geats, will be available from the same banner, but unlike Brynhild, will remain summonable after the celebration's over.

While I couldn't in good conscience recommend playing FGO, folks with an appreciation for Type-MOON and strong willpower would be well-served by starting this week.

Fate/Grand Order celebrates ensnaring 2 million innocents screenshot