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Fate/Grand Order saves America in its latest episode

March 15, 2018 2 min read

Fate/Grand Order continues to trundle along, feeding the cash of whales and the salty tears of unlucky would-be Masters slaving away in the gacha mines. That said, now it does have something for people who want more to do than farm evil hands and doors to improve their Servants. That something - which is live now - is the next chapter of the game's main story, and this time we're headed to the good ol' U.S. of A. 

The fifth chapter of the story, formally titled Fifth Singularity: North American Myth War ~ E Pluribus Unum, sends players to 1783, which in real life wouldn't be too long after the United States was officially recognized via the Treaty of Paris, but in Fate/Grand Order's screwed-up timeline means that the Union's been split between its Eastern and Western halves and made to fight in a bitter civil war augmented by magic robo-soldiers and mythic creatures. 

The story will feature a number of All-American Servants...like British nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale (for some reason a Berserker-class?), Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky, Indian demigods Rama, Karna and Arjuna, the fourth version of Fate alumnus Cu Chulhainn (his long-awaited Berserker edition), and Queen Medb, a Celtic goddess who can best be described as "History's Strongest Thot". 

There are, of course, some actual American Servants in there somewhere. A Caster version of Native American hero Geronimo will be given free to people who finish the story, and players can roll for Billy the Kid, a gunslinging Archer with an emphasis on critical hits. Story completion will also add none other than Thomas Edison to the summoning pool. Folks expecting an old white guy with a lightbulb fetish, though, should be warned: FGO's Edison appears to have had his powers enhanced by the American presidency itself to become a sort of avatar of American exceptionalism. Maybe this explains why in-game Edison looks like All Might's fursona.

Check out a short trailer for all this nonsense below.

Fate/Grand Order saves America in its latest episode screenshot