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Fear Effect Sedna coming to Nintendo Switch

October 07, 2017 1 min read

It has been announced on the official Fear Effect twitter that Fear Effect Sedna, the upcoming strategy game set with the grim, seedy universe, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The new title, developed by indie outfit Sushee and published by Square Enix, is currently in development for current gen consoles and PC. The motley crew of Hana, Deke, Rain, Glas, and some goatee hipster, will traverse the world embarking on, what being only be assumed, a series of shady deeds and undertakings.

The real-time strategy title is currently scheduled for release in early 2018. This is ahead of the remake of the original Fear Effect, announced this Summer for release sometime in the future.

Fear Effect Sedna coming to Nintendo Switch screenshot