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Final Fantasy XIV has the best damn outfits

August 03, 2017 1 min read

Final Fantasy XIV's glamour system has led to some really great creations. Most recently this Little Mac glamour wowed me the most, and I've been seeing more and more great outfits as a result of the incoming Stormblood expansion loot. Many players still play old content just to get random gear from it to match new glamours, which is an interesting trend.

My favorite part? Consistency. My main (Paladin) has looked the same through two expansions, despite conquering three raids in total and amassing innumerous amounts of gear (I'm i324 now!). The system still has a ways to go though, because while these pieces of gear look better than most of the competing market, mechanically it's much more limited than say, World of Warcraft. There you can transmog any previous piece of gear you own, not just items that you currently hold right nowin some capacity. In FFXIV, bank (retainer) space is getting pretty limited for some if you're a glamour fiend.

Even if there's never a solution (it's currently being worked on even if Square Enix says the logistics are tough) at the very least we can enjoy all of these individual creations.

Final Fantasy XIV has the best damn outfits screenshot