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Final Fantasy XIV is getting an in-game Monster Hunter event soon

July 17, 2018 1 min read

Square Enix and Capcom really went all out with their respective games as it pertains to the Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World crossovers announced at E3. We already know that World is getting the iconic Final FantasyBehemoth, but Rathalos is coming to XIVon August 7 on top of The Forbidden Land Eureka - Pagos Expedition.

As detailed in a liveletter this week from the game's crew, Rathalos will actually be an elaborate event in that there's a normal mode and an extreme (harder) difficulty setting.  Normal supports eight players and extreme only allows four -- keeping inline with the true Monster Hunter experience. This also extends to the removal of an aggro table, a 10-potion limit, and the restriction of some healing magic (or nerfs therein). I love that they took the time to make this a unique experience.

According to Square Enix Rathalos gear is in (Rathalos armor/a mount that plays Monster Hunter music, Poogie and Palico minions, and a barbecue spit furniture item), and apparently producer Naoki Yoshida wanted the creature to be a little more Final Fantasy-esque with "redder colors," -- Capcom OK-ed the request.

This isn't the first time Square Enix has put on a kick ass crossover event -- the Yo-Kai Watchcollaboration was also very well done and had the full cooperation of Level-5. It's clear that other studios love to work with producer Yoshida and his team and I doubt we've seen the last of XIV's crossovers.

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Final Fantasy XIV is getting an in-game Monster Hunter event soon screenshot