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Final Fantasy XIV's Omega raid is out today

July 04, 2017 1 min read

Now that folks have had a chance to get their bearings in Final Fantasy XIV's Stormbloodexpansion, the first wing of the new raid, Omega, is upon us. Having powered up a 314 Paladin and Bard I'm ready for the task -- so ready, in fact, that I took on the first three fights this morning.

So far I'm enjoying Omega much more than Alex, as the Final Fantasy V theme and boss mechanics (one of which involves an amazing maze/puzzle sequence) don't feel like a retread. Savage (hard) difficulty will arrive in a few weeks, which will really put people to the test.

So what's next for Stormblood? Well 4.1 is still in production, which will bring the new 24-person raid Return to Ivalice, as well as the revamped Aquapolis, and according to producer Yoshi-P, the ability to buy housing in the Kugane district. For now I'm content playing Omega normal with friends and picking up loot for my upcoming 314 Scholar (though you can only loot one item per fight per week).

Patch 4.01 [Lodestone]

Final Fantasy XIV's Omega raid is out today screenshot