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Finally, Fallout 76's big Locked and Loaded update is out, here's the patch notes

April 28, 2021 1 min read

Fallout 76 just launched the Locked and Loaded update on all platforms, and everything seems good to go. I mean it happened, but it was tested beforehand for a lengthy period of time and the all clear, sans delays, was enough to push it out the door.

On several platforms (Microsoft Store, PS4, Xbox One) the download sizes are going to be massive, as it clocks in at roughly 60GB for that trio. And it makes sense, because it's a lot! Time to break it down.

So as advertised, the two biggest alterations are SPECIAL and CAMP loadouts. In short, you can now create multiple perk loadouts for your characters (up to two), and swap between them freely. Once you hit level 25, you can also respec more easily. Backend issues supposedly prevented this from happening earlier.

As far as CAMP stuff goes, it's kind of a big deal for folks who love to build. Now you can create a second base of operations, a la Minecraft, without trashing the first. When coupled with the bunker instanced build system implemented a while back, it's a great addition for tinkerers, of which there are a lot of when it comes to Bethesda games.

Daily Ops (daily quests) have doubled, and now dole out improved rewards. For people who are interested in playing beyond the "main questline," it should add a little wrinkle in terms of random play sessions. And there are evidently still a lot of people actively playing this game.

You can find the core gist of the patch notes below.

Patch Notes [Bethesda.net]

Finally, Fallout 76's big Locked and Loaded update is out, here's the patch notes screenshot