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Fire Emblem Heroes unleashes 'Legendary Dragon' Tiki

September 27, 2018 1 min read

Nintendo has announced a new Legendary Hero headed to their mobile battle title Fire Emblem Heroes. Preparing to light the room up (literally) is the dragon princess herself, Tiki.

Appearing in a whole range of Fire Emblem games, Tiki is the princess of the Divine Dragon tribe, and as such has powers and abilites akin to the scaly beasts themselves. She also has a hilariously-accented voice, which seems to have picked up a lot of air miles on its trip around the globe.

Legendary Hero Tiki will be made available in Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow, September 28, at 00:00 PT / 03:00 ET / 07:00 BT. Also available in this event are returning character variants of Jaffar, Ike, Micaiah, Sharena, Catria, Robin, Tharja, Karla, Hector and Maribelle.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android devices.

Fire Emblem Heroes unleashes 'Legendary Dragon' Tiki screenshot