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Fire Pro Wrestling World launches onto Steam Early Access

July 11, 2017 1 min read

Whilst many pro-wrasslin' fans will be stoked to receive yesterday's news of WWE 2K18's Switch announcement, super-cool-kids club members know that the real hot-topic was the Early Access launch of Fire Pro Wrestling World.

The Fire Pro series, which has run for over two decades, is a passionate simulation of wrestling and MMA, housed within a cutesy, retro-looking aesthetic. The matches are won and lost through the game's frame-timing mechanic, with a natural rhythm required to transition from your weakest moves to your strongest. This can make for some intense battles that can be over in seconds or run for nearly an hour.

The games are renown for their almost endless customisation options, from wrestler appearance and move-sets, to canvas logos, ring colours, match types and even referees. Fire Pro has always been an epic way to create entire generations of wrestling rosters and promotions. Now, with Steam Workshop, it will be easier than ever to put together your ultimate hall of fame.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is available on Steam Early Access for $20 and I urge any wrestling fan, whether you love the spectacle of the West or the brutal neck-dropping of the East, to consider giving it a shot. Be warned, it can take a lot of practice to get the mechanics down, but once you do, it can be hard to step through the ropes of any other squared circle again.

Fire Pro Wrestling World launches onto Steam Early Access screenshot