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Five Hit Fighters - A card game I have been dreaming up

October 18, 2017 1 min read

[Taterchimp has been working on a card game called Five Hit Fighters, and he’d like to hear some feedback from the Destructoid community. It’s a really cool concept, and I’d love to give it a shot some day! It's always fun hearing about the crazy projects that folks can cook up. – Kevin]

If you follow my quick posts lately, you can tell that I have been obsessed with the strategy RPG genre. I started with SteamWorld Heist - a game that I picked up on some Steam sale (irony) and finally got around to playing. I quickly found myself devoting all my time off work to playing it. After I beat it, I knew that I wanted to play more and more but didn’t want to jump right back into a NG+ or higher difficulty, so I looked in my library for similar games, and oh, hey XCOM. How you doing? So I started XCOM: Enemy Unknown and quickly became engrossed in that. See, I love games where I have to learn. A proxy for education, I guess. I researched every facet of that game and beat it in a short 20 hours. Then I picked up XCOM 2 which went on sale, literally, the day after I beat the first one. I’m now 50 hours into XCOM 2, so I have a passion.

Five Hit Fighters - A card game I have been dreaming up screenshot